International Women’s Day 3.8.18

Who runs the world???? Girls!!!

I can’t imagine a world without the women in my life. From my mother, grandmother, sisters, aunts, besties, etc. Through them I found guidance, perspective and even the bitter truth (we all need a reality check sometimes). They are one of my greatest assets and I’m honored that God bestowed them to me as a gift.

So what better way to celebrate the women in our lives than to commemorate a day for them? Drumroll please…..

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Mehndi and Networking 2.25.18

Hello my avid readers,

I had a wonderful opportunity of hosting my first event while partnering up with a talented Henna artist ( Mehndi by Maliha), MALA (Muslim American Leadership Alliance), and a delicious honey tasting (courtesy of Heaven’s Honey). It was exciting to see familiar and new faces. I am grateful to everyone who attended as the event was sold out. (Shout out to the volunteers).

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Hot Chocolate Night 01.28.18

Happy Saturday,

Can you believe it is February 😵

Where did time go?

Confession 101 – I have a tendency to write 2017 but I’m getting better 😏

Now back to the topic. I organized a Hot Chocolate Night this past Sunday for my beautiful friends. I was lucky enough to host my event at my friends’ place (Shout out to Asra’a & Fatima). This also happened to fall on the same night as the Grammy’s – more reason to celebrate, right? Before I share pictures, I would like to point out two purchases from amazon that I used for my event. Lets be real – sharing is caring, right?

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New Years Brunch Party/Sister’s Gift Exchange

Happy New Year!!! I hope 2018 provides the happiness & success you seek.

On another note, I know I have been absent for a while but I’m back 👀. One of my goals for this year is to post more content – you know I’m serious cuz I just said it.

But back to the topic of Brunch – which I adore 😊. I was lucky to be invited to by my friends (Fatima & Asraa). The brunch was exceptionally special because it involved a gift exchange (kinda like secret Santa). Without further ado……

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Series II: Pass the Mic by Asma Nizami

Asma Mohammed isn’t afraid to speak up. After spending her childhood thinking silence will be rewarded, she has spent her adult years fighting for the injustices she sees portrayed about the Muslim community. In her story she shares how she has shed her passiveness and how her roots empower her to do more.

This story was published by MALA. The Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA) is a civic & community organization committed to promoting individual freedom, diversity, and celebrating heritage. For more stories, please visit MALA.

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All About the Details

Hello there,

I have officially embarked on designing my first project. Yayyy me!

My fashion journey began last year when I became interested in designing my own clothes. As a young fashion oriented muslim, I had a difficult time finding apparel that was modest. If I would find a beautiful dress, I would need to adjust it to fit my needs resulting in extra cost for alterations 😔. So, then the thought of designing my own clothes slowly creeped into my small head ☺️.

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